SVR Microgommage A Lift Exfoliating Mask 75ml

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svr A Micro scrub Lift exfoliating smoothingrestructuring mask is designed for the care of irregular skin. It will exfoliate the skinsoothe it and nourish it. Thuswrinkles are smoothed out and imperfections are reduced.
Irregular skin is characterized by uneven skin tone . The latter lacks radianceit is dull . The pores of the skin are blocked and blemishes appear. Skin aging is one of the main causes of this phenomenon. Indeedthe cells renew themselves less quicklythe exfoliation process of the skin is slowed downthe horny layer thickens.
SVR A Micro Scrub Lift Exfoliating Mask will remove dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Indeedit contains 0.1% pure retinol one of the forms of vitamin A. This active ingredientleft on the skin for 10 minuteswill achieve a gentle exfoliation . It helps to smooth out wrinkles.
The exfoliating maskformulated with volcanic sand quartzwill also exfoliate the skin thanks to its mechanical action. Thusdead cells and irregularities are eliminated.
The skin is also soothed and nourished thanks to the rosehip oil and the particular texture of this mask. The gel texture becomes oily when it comes into contact with the skinthen changes to become milk when rinsed.
Thusthe skin is clear and smoothwrinkles are reduced.
Use 1 to 3 times per weekdepending on skin type.
Apply on the face. Leave on for 10 minutes. emulsify,massage then rinse.  Avoid the eye area.
 caprylic / capric triglycerideisononyl isononanoatedicaprylyl etherglycerincoco-caprylate / caprateRosa canina fruit oilsucrose stearateAqua / water / eausucroselauratequartzvolcanic sandBHAglycine soy (soybean) oilretinolsucrose palmitatetocopherolBHTpolysorbate 20perfume (fragrance).