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NutriClean Programme



The NutriClean Programme offers a 14 day approach to address a vast array of health issues using the right supplements and targeted food plan. It is advocated that a targeted support plan such as this can help cleanse the body, increase vitamin and mineral absorption, reduce symptoms of toxicity, clear the skin and aid weight loss while improving cellular health and mitochondrial function.

The programme uses a specific supplement regime and a low allergenic food plan along with a comprehensive information pack, containing a food list, lifestyle tips, recipes, menu planners, quick and easy meal ideas, easy cheats, shopping list, supplement protocol and FAQs. This comes out to you along with your supplements and a workbook to track your progress.

For more information including prices and what date our next NutriClean Programme will run please contact Ola below.

Perimenopause Programme


A 28-day whole body hormone reset specifically designed to balance hormones in women 40+ no matter whether you are perimenopausal, menopausal or even post-menopausal.

Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life. It’s not a disease; it’s a journey that requires support, and this journey starts long before any symptoms appear. The optimal time to consider adding extra support is in the decade leading up to Perimenopause. It’s never too late though, so don’t be alarmed if like many women, you’re already way past this point and experiencing a range of unwanted symptoms. This programme has the potential to bring significant benefits at any stage.

The Perimenopause Programme isn’t designed simply to trouble-shoot individual symptoms, instead it takes a full 360° view of your health, considering the body as a dynamic set of interconnected systems that all have the potential to influence each other.

The menopausal journey is not only concerned with sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone) but involves gut health, adrenals, thyroid, blood sugar balance, oestrogen metabolism and biotransformation processes too. The good news is that by taking this wider panoramic view, and adapting the overall terrain, the body is well placed to move seamlessly through this hormonal journey.

For more information including prices and what date our next NutriClean Programme will run please contact Ola below.

Gut Transformation Programme


6-week programme featuring a range of targeted supplements and supporting literature including recipes, protocols, menu planners and workbook. 

Until now, the digestive system has been largely overlooked and neglected by the conventional medical world, but there does slowly seem to be a changing attitude among health professionals.

Nutri Advanced's Gut Transformation Programme incorporates the 5R approach to provide a focus for the evaluation of gastrointestinal function, and utilises targeted nutritional, digestive enzyme and probiotic formulas, which, in addition to a targeted food plan, can support the normalisation of healthy gut function.

Getting to the root cause is what functional medicine is all about and Nutri Advanced's Gut Transformation Programme allows you to do just that, providing the perfect platform to turn your client's gut health around and get their digestive system functioning at its very best.

The 6-week Gut Transformation Programme includes all supplements, instructions, FAQs, suggestions, food lists, recipes, menu planner and a workbook to fill in.

For more information including prices and what date our next NutriClean Programme will run please contact Ola below.

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