Personalised Supplement Advice

Personalised Supplement Advice




Here at Lilly's Pharmacy, we have a vast knowledge of supplements and vitamins due to our education in Nutrition and Diet as well as Ola's further education in Functional Medicine.

It's not a matter of just picking any supplement off the shelf, taking it and hoping for the best. We dig a little deeper.

What do we do?

We have a chat with you about your diet, medication, lifestyle, how you've been feeling and any supplementation you're already on. We would also have a look at any recent blood results to see if there's anything that can shed some light there. 

Upon reviewing all that information, we can make an educated and informed recommendation about the specific products that we feel may benefit you.

What will you give me?

It can range from a multi-ingredient formulation to a single ingredient product, depending on what we feel would be best for you.

It's so much more than just picking a vitamin off a shelf, we want your supplements to WORK for you and improve your health.

How much is it?

Price per consultation is €40 and it usually takes about half an hour.

Available in store and online by booking in advance.

To book your supplement advice slot contact us at or call us on 01-6896819.