SVR Cicavit+ Creme 40ml

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Irritateddamagedweakened skin? Dailythe skin of the whole family undergoes aggression causing irritation and discomfortaffecting the body as well as fragile areas of the face or external mucous membranes: drynessrednesschapped skinabrasionsredness of the seattattoopost-dermatological procedures (peeling)sunburnswaxingshaving....
Cicavit+ Crème Soothing Cream Fast-Repair Anti-Mark 40ml with melting texture is a repairing care Sos daily bobos which relieves and rebalances the damaged and irritated skins of the whole family.
Its formula with Derm-Repair Complex 43% contains:
- a soothing repairing agentfor a repair of the skin 7 times faster,
- an antibacterial active agent which forms a protective film and prevents the adhesion of the bacteria,
- a prebiotic sugar that restores the balance of skin flora.
The skin is repaired and immediately more comfortable.
Without perfumeparaben.
Apply to the affected clean and dry areas2 times a day until completely repaired.
Face and body. Babychildadult.
Indication: Sootherepair the skin and reduce the marks of the whole family.
Aqua (Purified Water)Hydrogenated PolyisobuteneButyrospermum Parkii (Shea) ButterGlycerinDimethiconol BehenateOrbignyaOleifera Seed OilPropanediolEthylhexyl StearateDimethiconePeg-30 DipolyhydroxystearateAlpha-Glucan OligosaccharideCafeyl GlucosideDisodium Acetyl Glucosamine PhosphateGlucoseRhamnoseTocopherol1-2 HexanediolCaprylyl GlycolCitric AcidGlucuronic AcidMagnesium SulfatePentylene GlycolSodium HydroxideXanthan GumP-Anisic Acid.