Sculpted By Aimee My Mascara Volume Length Brown 12ml

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Our original MyMascara formula is now in a natural brown shade.

A rich, brown pigment with a formula that's kind on the lashes as it conditions, nourishes and moisturizes. Created for those who want both high volume and lash length with a curved wand to capture every lash from root to tip.

How to use MyMascara

Apply directly to the very root of the lash using the soft curve of the wand. Work upwards to the tip. For added volume and lift, use the wand with the curve facing upwards and gently push the lashes into shape.

Why You'll Love It

- Natural Brown
- Long-wearing formula
- Coats every lash
- Pro-vitamin B5 for a healthier, more sumptuous lash

Aimee’s Top Tip: Run your ring finger over the ends of your bottom lashes after you have applied mascara. This should capture any excess product that may fall off throughout the day.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the results from our user trial!

- 98% agreed the formula felt gentle on the eyes
- 95% felt the formula made lashes look longer
- 95% agreed the brush allows for precision application
- 93% agreed the formula didn’t flake or crumble throughout the day
- 92% agreed lashes looked more voluminous

Tested on 60 consumers aged 18+ over 7-10 days.


How do I get the best result on the top lashes?
For top lashes, look upwards and position the wand at the root. Using the soft curve of the wand, scoop upwards and push the lash into place. Slowly blink on the brush as you wiggle it back and forth to comb through all of the lashes. Repeat until you get the desired amount of volume

How do I get the best possible lift on the top lashes?
For maximum lift, place the highest part of the bend on the wand in the centre of the lash and work from there. This is a great technique to use for your second coat.

How do I get the best result on bottom lashes?
For bottom lashes, look straight ahead and slightly upwards. Do not look all the way up if your top lashes are still drying! Using whatever product is left on the brush gently coat the roots of the bottom lashes for maximum definition. Do not overload the wand or the lash as this will create clumps. Remember, less is always more when it comes to mascara! You can always use the tip of the wand for precise application.

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