Sculpted By Aimee Hydraglo Face Serum 30ml

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A silky smooth serum that delivers deep hydration for luminous, plump skin. Our first ever skincare product is the perfect pre-makeup prep and is packed with active ingredients that dramatically boost skin health.

How to use HydraGlo Serum

Massage into cleansed skin until fully absorbed. Follow with Beauty Base, Tint & Glow or Second Skin. Our innovative HydraGlo dispenser is completely refillable: simply pop out your empty tube and insert a new one!

Why You'll Love It

  • Hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration

  • Ceramides that strengthen the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture

  • Niacinamide for essential antioxidant protection

  • Shea Butter for extra hydration and beautiful, soft finish

  • Beautiful, refillable packaging that reduces waste and reflects our commitment to sustainability

Aimee’s Top Tip: For unbeatable hydration, apply HydraGlo before bed and finish with a spritz of Hydrate & Hold.

The Stats
Blind Panel results from 60 users aged 18+ of all skin tones

  • 92% felt skin was hydrated all day after 2 weeks use.
  • 97% liked how makeup applied after using HydraGlo as a base
  • 95% felt skin was instantly refreshed
  • 95% agreed product instantly soaks into skin
  • 93% agreed product does not leave skin feeling greasy or sticky
  • 90% felt skin was instantly hydrated after application
  • 98% liked translucent formula that goes invisible on the skin

HydraGlo Refills & FAQs

The gorgeous HydraGlo component is completely refillable, so you can just pop out your old tube and insert a brand new one when needed, keeping in line with our small steps initiative to being sustainable with our ReSculpted Programme. Through ReSculpted we offer customers and experience to engage in our sustainable movement by asking to recycle empty bottles, tubes and palettes.

Where should HydraGlo appear in my skincare routine?

HydraGlo should be applied after cleansing and toning, and before your cream moisturiser (if, indeed, you wear one). Aimee recommends applying skincare products according to their consistency. Start with the lightest product - in this case HydraGlo - and work up to the thickest one.

Do I need a moisturiser if I wear HydraGlo?

HydraGlo is a serum with an ultra-light consistency, so how you wear it really depends on your skin type. If you have dry or dehydrated skin we recommend layering HydraGlo with your moisturiser of choice. You might find that in warmer months HydraGlo alone will be enough.

Do I need to apply Beauty Base before or after HydraGlo?

We recommend applying HydraGlo before your Beauty Base product of choice.

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