Nesti Dante With Love And Care Gift Set 3x250g

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De Ambra Papaver

Ease your mind with the voluptuous Nesti Dante With Love and Care De Ambra Papaver Soap, a triple milled vegetal bar for the body.

Fragranced with mythical facets of poppy and glowing notes of amber, the De Ambra Papaver Soap will make for a luxurious cleansing ritual. Alluring and hypnotic, its scent exudes charm and will dress the skin in confidence.

Limonum Zagara

Delight in the lively freshness of citrus fruits with the Nesti Dante With Love and Care Limonum Zagara Soap, a triple milled vegetal soap for the body.

The vibrant energy of lemon is captured within the Limonum Zagara Soap. An ideal way to kick-start any day, the bright, vivacious scent of this charming fragranced soap is destined to put a smile on every face.

Aqua Dea Marine

Refresh your skin and senses with the Nesti Dante With Love and Care Aqua Dea Marine Soap, a triple milled vegetal soap for the body.

Aqua Dea Marine is inspired by the purity and vivacity of water. Fresh and charming, the luxurious fragranced soap will make every cleanse a pampering ritual that leaves the body nourished and the mind at peace.

Made with love and care in Italy, each Nesti Dante soap is made through the age-old tradition of saponification, which ensures a high-quality formula that holds its shape and leaves the body soft and smooth


A pleasure to use, this indulgent Italian soap is created with an age old saponification process, which ensures a high quality, lathering soap that maintains its shape and intensely nourishes the body from top to toe.



  • Mineral oil-free,

  • Paraben-free,

  • Petrochemical-free,

  • Sulphate-free,

  • Synthetic-surfactant free

  • Glycol-free.

How to Use:
Work into a lather on damp skin, and then rinse thoroughly.

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