Liver Detox

Ola's Liver Detox Programme

I have created this programme with a lot of consideration and my experience as a functional medical practitioner.
This is a  COMPLETE programme based on a Functional medicine approach, addressing the root cause of symptoms through diet, lifestyle and supplement changes.
It is TARGETED & designed to tackle some of the common yet challenging and complex issues that stop the liver from feeling and performing well.
It is a RESEARCHED programme and based on evidence from the latest research and several years results.
You will be fully SUPPORTED  with all the information, progress tracking and advice to deliver the results you desire.
So how does the programme work? 
Preparation for the programme commences the week beforehand, this is to ensure you have your parcel with everything you need to start!
The programme takes place over a two week period via Zoom
Duration - two weeks
Investment €290
Next date of Liver Detox is November 7th 2022.

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