Your Zooki Liposomal Vitamin C Watermelon 1000Mg 30 sachets

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Vitamin C Zooki is an advanced, on-the-go Liposomal Vitamin C. Our Liposomes protect the Vitamin C through the gastro-intestinal tract and deliver the Vitamin C directly into the cells for maximum effectiveness.

Benefits include;

  • Great taste

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • On the go liposomal vitamin C

  • Advanced immune support for the whole family

  • Liposomes protect Vitamin C from the harsh environment of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Liposomes make it easier for our cells to absorb Vitamin C in that window of opportunity, after the initial blood spike.

  • By surrounding Vitamin C in a phospholipid bi-layer, the same thing that surrounds our cells, we can speed up the rate our cells absorb Vitamin C from the blood.

  • Liposomes easily merge with our cell membranes, crucially by-passing the traditional protein channels our cells use to absorb Vitamin C, which act as bottlenecks for cellular absorption.