Uriage - Dermatological Hand Wash Gel 500ml

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Dermatological hand washing gel 500ml is a hand washing gel with thermal water that helps eliminate impurities and protects your hands from drying out.
The dermatological hand washing gel 500ml gently cleanses and eliminates impurities on the surface of the hands while respecting the hydrolipidic film. In contact with waterits gentle washing base cleanses and helps eliminate impurities from the hands. Enriched with moisturizing and superfatting agentsits formula at physiological pH respects the hydrolipidic film of dry and sensitive skin. Highly concentrated in Uriage Thermal Water (30%)it immediately hydrates and leaves the skin soft and comfortable
Lather with water then rinse.
Aqua (water-eau)sodium laureth sulfatepeg-80 glyceryl cocoatesodium chloride - glycerinsodium cocoamphoacetatesodium laureth-8 sulfatesodium methyl cocoyltaurateparfum (fragrance)cocoglucosideglyceryl oleatemagnesium laureth sulfate sodium oleth sulfatemagnesium laureth-8 sulfatecitric aciddmdm hydantoinmagnesium oleth sulfate