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What is the menstrual cycle (period)?

    The menstrual cycle is the series of changes a woman's body goes through to prepare for a pregnancy every month. About once a month, the uterus grows a new lining (endometrium) to get ready for a fertilized egg. When there is no fertilized egg to start a pregnancy, the uterus sheds its lining. This is the monthly menstrual bleeding (also called menstrual period cycle) that women have from their early teen years until menopause, around age 50. The menstrual cycle is from Day 1 of bleeding to Day 1 of the next time of bleeding. The average cycle is 28-30 days. Girls usually start having menstrual periods between the ages of 11 and 14. Women usually start to have fewer periods between ages 39 and 51. 

    What controls the menstrual cycle?

    Your hormones control your menstrual cycle. During each cycle, your brain's hypothalamus and pituitary gland send hormone signals back and forth with your ovaries. These signals get the ovaries and uterus ready for a pregnancy.

    The hormones estrogen and progesterone play the biggest roles in how the uterus changes during each cycle.

    • Estrogen builds up the lining of the uterus.
    • Progesterone increases after an ovary release an egg (ovulation) at the middle of the cycle. This helps the estrogen keep the lining thick and ready for a fertilized egg.
    • A drop in estrogen causes the lining to break down. This is when your period starts. 
    These changes in hormone levels can have "powerful effects on our bodily system, emotions and mood," said Dr Emma Ross, co-head of physiology at the English Institute of Sport (EIS).   

      Did you know that the menstrual cycle has three phases? 

      1. The menstrual phase

      2. The pre-ovulation phase

      3. The post-ovulation phase. 



      Phase 1, Menstrual (Days 1-5)

      Begins from the start of your bleed until it ends and involves the shedding of the uterine wall lining. During this phase, the three main hormones; estrogen, progesterone & testosterone are at their lowest levels. Symptoms can include: Cramps, bloating, irritability, headaches, tiredness, tender breasts, lower back pain.

      Phase 2, Pre Ovulation (Days 6-15)

      Begins when the bleed has stopped. During this phase, the three main hormones; estrogen, progesterone & testosterone are all at peak levels. Symptoms can include ovulation cramping, headaches, heightened stress and or anxiety.

      Phase 3, Post Ovulation (Days 16-30)

      Begins after ovulation. During this phase, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone levels start to drop. Symptoms can include: PMS, mood swings, feeling sluggish and low energy.

      What is triumph?

      Triumph Monthly Cycle is a supercharged health supplement designed to sync with the three menstrual cycle phases to regulate hormonal activity, support immunity, energy, focus, beauty & balance throughout the month.    

      Who is it for?

      For women with a menstrual cycle.


      Regulates Hormonal Activity ● Sustained Energy ● Hair, Skin & Nails ● Cognitive Function ● Nervous System  Heart Health ● Immune System ● Symptom Focused 

      Why do the formulations change three times? 


      The nutritional needs of a woman change during each menstrual phase; three Triumph Phaseblends contain different formulations which sync with each menstrual phase. Each of the three Triumph Phaseblends have different types and dosages of nutrients to support these changes.

      Phase 1 - Key Ingredients

      SHATAVARI a key herbal traditionally used for women’s health to help to balance hormones and ease cramping. GINGER to promote and support good digestive health, very important for women at the menstrual phase of the month. CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS - powerful antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress, which in turn reduces inflammation.

      Phase 2 - Key Ingredients

      CoEnzyme Q10 as UBIQUINOL essential in the mechanism of how cells produce energy. It works synergistically with Vitamin B1. GRAPE POLYPHENOLS have been shown to combat oxidative stress which can result in premature cell ageing. LYCOPENE - A very strong antioxidant very beneficial for health found in it’s highest concentration in ripe tomatoes.

      Phase 3 - Key Ingredients

      CHROMIUM which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and CINNAMON which may reduce cravingsOAT STRAW is included in Triumph as studies have shown it may support cognitive health and may have a de-bloating effectFRENCH MARITIME PINE BARK is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been studied widely and has been shown to support circulatory, joint and skin health.

      What is inside the box? 

      Triumph monthly cycle Supplement is a monthly programme containing 30 sachets and 30 tablets.

      Days 1-5 = Pink Sachets / Tablets 1-5  Fruit Punch Flavour

      Days 6-15 = Purple Sachets / Tablets 6-15  Blueberry Flavour

      Days 16-30 = Yellow Sachets /Tablets 16-30  Orange Flavour

      How to take Triumph?

      Start your programme on day one of your period. Take tablet No.1 and mix one pink sachet with water. Take one sachet and one tablet every morning after food. The sachets are colour coded and your tablets are numbered


      * Always read the label and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are on other medications.