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For sensitivedelicate and dry skin for all the family. Rinse off.
Let€™s unitelet€™s wash our hands. We must keep up this hygiene measure to protect ourselves and others. But repeated hand-washing can damage skin and lead to drynesssensitivitydiscomfort and itching.
To relieve these problemswe have developed an ultra-creamy cleansing balm specifically for sensitive and dry handssuitable for all the family. Its cleansoap-freesulphate-free formula contains mild surfactants that trap dirtimpurities and bacteria on the skin€™s surface and gently eliminate them through washing. The delicately scentedcreamy texture enriched with glycerine transforms into a generous foam that envelops the hands in a soothing cocoon. Hands are clean and soft. Itching and discomfort stops immediately.
We promise that washing your hands will become a moment of true pleasure!
PROVEN Efficacy On Sensitive Hands: - Eliminates bacteria and impurities in one wash - Hydrates hands - Relieves tightness
The physical action of washing and rinsing eliminates all impurities and bacteria present on the skin€™s surface. But when this action is repeated too often using inappropriate productsit can damage the skin€™s lipid barrier and the hands become dry and irritated.
We have chosen an ultra-cleanminimalist formula for proven efficacy in one wash:
- Mild surfactants: trap impurities and bacteriawhich are immediately eliminated on rinsing. - 5% vegetable glycerine: hydrates and maintains the skin barrier to prevent hands from becoming dry.
Wet hands and apply a dab of cleansing balm. Rub hands together gently for 30 secondsthen rinse.
Hypoallergenic. Physiological pH.
INCI: Lab20.20/a.04 Ingredients: Aqua/water/eausodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonatecoco-glucosideglycerincoco-betainestyrene/acrylates Copolymercitric Acidparfum (fragrance)sodium Benzoatepotassium Sorbatesodium PHYTATE
The list of ingredients may be subject to changewe advise you to check the list on the product purchased.