SELFCHECK- Blood Glucose Test Kit 2 pk

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The SELFCheck Blood Glucose Test detects abnormal levels of glucose in your blood as an indicator of diabetes. Results in minutes.

Each test kit contains;

2 test strips (so that you can check on two different occasions

2 sterile lancets to obtain finger prick blood drop

Instructions for use and colour chart to read results

Those at high risk of having diabetes are individuals with a family history of the disease and people aged over 40, overweight with a large waist measurement. Anyone having two or more indicators of higher risk should consider using a blood glucose screening test. The SELFCheck test is easy to use, requiring only a finger prick blood sample, producing a visual, easy to interpret result within minutes prompting a visit to their GP for further investigation and advice if necessary.

The benefit of carrying out a SELFCheck Blood glucose test in privacy ensures confidentiality as well as providing the necessary incentive needed to take further steps in terms of managing personal health and earlier consultation with a healthcare professional to facilitate earlier medical intervention should further action be needed.

The SELFCheck Blood Glucose test for diabetes (2 test) kit is easy to use, requires only a small finger prick blood sample to perform the test and a visual result is available in less than 5 minutes.