One Nutrition Organic Pure MCT Oil

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Made from organ virgin coconut oil, and preserved in an amber bottle, pure MCT oil is easily digestable and rapidly absorbed by the body.  Especially suited for those on a low carb, high fat, keto and hybrid diets.

MCT oil forms part of a group of foods that can be included as what’s known as “fasting mimetics”.  A group of fats usually sourced from coconut oil, MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) when consumed in a fasted state, encourage your body to make its energy in a different way, instead of glycolisis (the conversion of sugar into energy in our cells) our body looks to make ketone esters.  Very fussy science aside, these molecules provide a very stable energy source that could be your way back from the brink of blood sugar peaks and crashes.

Recommended Use;

Use 1 tablespoon (approximately 15ml) as desired.  Suggested uses in coffee, shakes, dressings and smoothies.  Please don't use for frying or cooking above temperatures of 320°F/160°C