Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Face And Body Cream 150g

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With the traditional botanical and cosmetic culture of Florence Nesti Dante sets high quality standards. Plant derivatives are carefully selected and prepared according to tradition.

The concentrated and ceramide enriched formula provides a pleasant feeling of hydration and well-being for a delicate skin.

The Luxury Gold Cream was developed to the 60 year old existence of the company. With its hyaluronic acid and green coffee enriched formula, it counteracts wrinkles and dehydrated skin.

Ceramide are natural components of the skin that help to keep the skin hydrated and elastic. The surface lipid barrier is strengthened by reducing the surface roughness for a sensitive anti-aging effect.

hyaluronic acid Hydrates the skin into the deeper layers of the skin, supports the collagen and gives the tissue resilience and elasticity.

Green coffee A valuable ally against cellulite, the coffee bean in its natural color and rich in active ingredients that stimulates blood circulation and improves skin tightening.