Mustela Soothing cleansing gel 500ml (Schisandra limited edition)

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Daily soothing cleansing gel for baby hair and body for very sensitive skin from birth on. Effectively and gently cleanses the babys skin,soothes to improve the appearance and tingling sensations associated with very sensitive baby skinespecially due to hard water bathing.
Its fragrance-free formula leaves a pleasant scentbabys skin soft and hair silky.
Skin Type:

Sensitive Skin

How to use:
Pour into handslather to clean baby hair and body. Rinse off.
Aqua/WATER/EAUGLYCERINCOCO-GLUCOSIDEDISODIUM Cocoamphodiacetatepeg-150 Distearatedisodium Cocoyl Glutamatecitric Acidglyceryl Caprylatepotassium Sorbatesodium Cocoyl Glutamatelecithintocopherolmaltodextrinsaccharide Hydrolysatepersea Gratissima (avocado) Fruit Extract