Mustela Physiological Saline Solution 20x5ml

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Sterile single-dose vials of physiological saline solution recommended for the daily wash of the nose and the eyes of the infantchild or even adult.
How to Use:
Can be used as often as necessary without any hazards over long periods of time.Makes easier the wash of the nose of the babies which is usually obstructed by mucus. It helps to get rid of the secretions.Used for the eye hygiene of the baby through ocular instillationbaths or application of the product on a cotton wool pad.
Nasal use: 

Slightly incline the head.
Introduce the tip of the container into the nostril.
Gently press the unidose vial.
Blow the baby's nose

For babyinstill the product with a minimum of pressure in order to avoid any risk of middle ear contamination.
Ophthalmic use: 

Soak a cotton wool then gently wipe the baby eyelids
Orpour some drops in the eye and wipe using a sterile compress

PURIFIED Water,Aqua/water/eau