Mustela Nasal Congestion Spray 150ml

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Hypertonic nasal spray with a baby safety tip and micro-diffusion of 100% natural sea water rich in trace elements allow a gentle use.Recommended for the decongestion of the of nasal cavities as soon as the first symptoms of colds or rhinitis appear.


  • Gently cleanses nasal cavities.
  • Humidifies congested in the nasal membranes.

How to Use:

Perform 3 sprays per day and per nostril, Tilt head to the side and administer solution in each nostril by gently and firmly pressing down on the nozzle for a brief moment.Blow nose.Wash the nasal diffuser after use.Occasional use, for children and infants from 3 months.

  • Purified water
  • Aqua/Water/Eau


Side effects :  

Just like any other medical product, an allergic reaction may occur in a person who is allergen-sensitive. If a reaction occurs, blow nose immediately and discontinue use of the product. Nose bleeds or painful sensations at the time of instillation may occur if mucous membrane is irritated. If the symptoms persist, contact your doctor.