Mustela Cleansing Wipes 25 Count

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 Mustela cleansing wipes gently wipe the baby€™s skin leaving it with a pleasant feeling of freshness and hydration. Indicated for the skin of the newbornbaby and child.
Skin Type:
Normal Skin

How to Use:
After removing the Mustela cleansing wipe and gently wiping the skincarefully close the packaging.
Mustela cleansing wipes has 97% ingredients of natural origin: €¢ Avocado Perseosepatented natural active that protects the skin barriermoisturizes and preserves the cellular richness of the skin; €¢ Mild surfactants (extracts of leaves and roots of saponaria) that gently clean to avoid dryness of the skin; €¢ Extract of leaves of Aloe vera and Allantoin that soothes and softens the skin; €¢ Vegetal-origin glycerin that moisturizes the skinprotecting it from evaporation of water. High cutaneous and ocular tolerance. It has hypoallergenic properties to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Tested under dermatological and pediatric control. 97% ingredients of natural origin. Formula without alcoholparabensphthalates or phenoxyethanol.