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Apivita Shine & Revitalizing Shampoo

Apivita Shine & Revitalizing Shampoo

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Healthy hair is shiny and bright. These 5 vitamins in conjunction with the essential oils of orange, lemon & grapefruit, revitalize your hair and reveal its sheen, while the scent uplifts your spirits.

  • Revitalizes hair, reveals shine, promotes bounce and strength, with its revitalizing formula: orange, lemon and grapefruit organic essential oils, ginseng extract, 4 vitamins and mineral elements (zinc, copper, magnesium aspartate).
  • Honey protects from premature aging and restores natural hair moisture.
  • Prevents breakage and split ends with APISHIELD HS complex.
  • Orange, lemon and grapefruit organic essential oils revitalize the scalp and uplift the spirit.
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