Apivita Hair Care Womens Tonic Shampoo 500ml

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apivita Hair Care Women's Tonic Shampoo is a shampoo with proven effectiveness in the promotion of the lifespan and growth cycle of the hair. Formulated with a unique blend of hippophae and bay laurel extractthis shampoo restores health to the scalprevitalizes hair rootsand strengthens and nourishes lifeless hairall in order to improve the appearance of your locks. Furthermoreit protects the hair from the effects of certain environmental aggressionssuch as sun exposure and pollution. In clinical trials76% of women agreed that this shampoo toned their scalp and hair; 86% reported effectiveness against hair loss; lastbut not least72% found their hair grew shinier after 4 weeks of use.
MAIN Ingredients
a unique new Hippophae Tonic Complex combines organic hippophae and organic rosemary. Hippophaein particularis a real "superfood" for the hairas it is rich in complex B vitaminsvitamins A and Eand valuable fatty acids. Bay laurel extract complements the effects of this complexproviding further protection against hair loss;
Propolis extract provides antimicrobial propertiesthus restoring the health of the scalp and enabling healthy hair growth;
The exclusive herbal Apishield Hs complex protects the scalp while strengthening the hair against environmental and styling aggressions. Its effectiveness is based on the combination of oligosaccharides from cotton and honeydewa prebiotic oligosaccharideand arginine;
This product contains an organic rosemary infusion instead of plain water; this natural ingredient helps boost the antioxidant properties already present in each formulathanks to its high concentration of polyphenols.
Apply a small amount of Apivita Hair Care Women's Tonic Shampoo to the scalp and roots of the hairthen massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. In order to achieve the best possible resultsfollow with Apivita Hair Care Tonic Conditioner Thinning Hair. Continue treatment for at least 3 monthsthen repeat 2-3 times a year.