Apivita Hair Care Dandruff Relief Oil 50ml

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apivita Hair Care Dandruff Relief Oil is a natural oil that targets dandruffthus reducing scalp flaking and peeling. Celery seed natural extract is the main active ingredient in this lineas it is clinically proven to hinder development of the Malassezia furfur funguswhich causes dandruff. On top of providing immediate relief from itching and irritationthis oil is also effective in preventing the reappearance of dandruff and its associated symptoms. As a resultthe scalp regains its balance and health. In clinical trials93% of volunteers agreed this product reduced itching and irritation; 93% confirmed it was effective against dry dandruffwhile 73% found it effective against oily dandruff. Most importantly100% of volunteers claimed they would recommend this product to a friend!.
Celery seed extract restores balance to the scalpall the while significantly slowing down the metabolism of Malassezia furfurthe fungus responsible for dandruff;
Organic propolis extract provides proven antimicrobial benefits against microorganisms related to hair and skin diseases
Before shampooseparate your hair in 3-5 sectionsthen apply Apivita Hair Care Dandruff Relief Oil to the roots of your hair. Massage gently in circular motionsthen leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes. Finallyshampoo as usual.