Apivita Essentials Beessentils Kit

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GIFT SET: APIVITA Festive Essentials Hydration & Radiance Boosting Kit

This gift set contains the following products:

APIVITA Beessential Oils Strengthening & Hydrating Day Oil 15ml

APIVITA Cleansing Foam Face & Eyes 75ml

APIVITA Express Beauty Face Scrub Apricot 2x8ml

APIVITA Express Beauty Face Mask Pomegranate 2x8ml

APIVITA Beessential Oils Strengthening & Hydrating Day Oil is a natural facial oil that replenishes and strengthens the skin. The texture is incredibly comfortable and the scent stimulates all your senses. The formula is 100% natural and pure as well as efficient and active. These natural ingredients work together to boost the beauty and health of your skin. To begin with, plant oils and squalane deeply hydrate and fortify the skin barrier. In addition, propolis provides the skin cells with antioxidant protection and increases elastin and collagen levels. At the same time, citrus essential oil works to rejuvenate, energize and promote a natural glow. Each application leaves your skin feeling immediately nourished and luminous, revived with comfort and hydration.

APIVITA Cleansing Foam Face & Eyes is a creamy foam cleanser and make-up remover that suits all skin types. Formulated with mild botanical cleansing agents, this product clears away impurities without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. Olive extract infuses the skin with nourishment, while olive grains provide a delicate exfoliating action. The gentle formula is suitable even for sensitive skin, as it contains soothing lavender and antioxidant green tea.

APIVITA Express Beauty Face Scrub Apricot is a delicate face scrub that smooths and refines the complexion. Because it contains finely ground apricot seeds, this scrub exfoliates without harming the skin; in fact, it offers a gentle buffing effect that restores a youthful glow and luminosity to the complexion. Mediterranean apricot oil provides an extra hydrating and relaxing effect, thus leaving your skin soft and supple.

APIVITA Express Beauty Face Mask Pomegranate is a radiance-restoring face mask for skin that's lost its luster. Infused with the antioxidant properties of pomegranate, a perennial symbol of well-being, this mask protects the skin against free radical damage, which is often responsible for dulling the complexion. A blend of hydrating active lends this mask additional moisturizing properties, ensuring the skin emerges with newfound softness and suppleness.