Apivita Bee Radiant Age Defense Illuminating Eye Cream 15ml

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: 99% natural ingredients. Prevention and Smoothing of Wrinkles Radiance & Moisturization Antioxidant Protection. Concerns-Anti-agingAnti-wrinkleDark circles & puffy eyes. Rich texture cream with orange stem cells that recovers radiance by combining anti-aging action with the smoothing of the skin's micro-relief. In the Bee Radiant lineAPIVITA has replaced water with Greek wild rose hip infusion for its antioxidantanti-inflammatory and moisturizing attributes. SCENT-FREEOPHTHALMOLOGICALLY TESTED Results: Orange stem cells improve the skin's micro-relief and recover its healthy and youthful looks Prevents and reduces wrinkleswhile maintaining the skin's firmness and elasticity Enhances the skin's radiance and improves its colour tone Acacia protects from cellular fatigue and loosenesshelps in detoxification and acts against puffiness and dark circles The patented propolis extract with its antioxidant attributes protects from external factors and premature aging Olivepomegranatehoney and hyaluronic acid provide moisturization and comfort How to use: Twice a dayapplied to clean skinon face & neckafter cleansing and before any moisturiser Dosage: 2 pumps per timelasting 1 month Main Ingredients: *Orange stem cells*Propolis extract 1*Acacia*Crocus chrysanthus*Shea butter*Honey**Wild Rose* infusion *nm * From certificated organic cultivation 1 Propolis extract patent number OBI/1007520 Aqua (Water)**GlycerinTriheptanoinOlus Oil (Vegetable Oil)Albizia Julibrissin Bark ExtractIsosorbide DicaprylateButyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*Palmitic/Stearic TriglycerideAqua (Water)Caprylol Glycerin/Sebacic Acid CopolymerCI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)Diheptyl SuccinateGlyseryl Stearate CitrateStearoyl GlutamateCetearyl AlcoholCitrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Callus Culture ExtractPropolis ExtractPunica Granatum Seed Oil*Mel (Honey)* ExtractHelianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed OilRosa Damascina Flower OilSodium HyaluronateOlea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*Hydroxypropyl CyclodextrinHydrogenated lecithinCetyl PalmitateXanthan GumSorbitan PalminateAscorbyl TetraisopalmitateTocopheryl AcetatePathenolMicaMethylpropanediolCitronellyl MethylcrotonateEthylhexylglycerinCaprylhydroxamic AcidCetyl HydroxyethylcelluloseDisodium EDTASodium PCATocopherolCI 77491 (Iron Oxides)